One of General’s Form Fill & Seal Models Will Fit Your Needs

General Packaging Equipment Company has supplied vertical form fill seal machines to the coffee roasting industry for 65 years. General Packaging Equipment machines are known for their simplicity, long term reliability and ease of maintenance. General Packaging Equipment makes a range of models each of which is suited to a range of packaging needs. Click on the model of your choice to go to the page with more information.

Pillow Packs

  • Entry Level Model E2AC – Fractional packs to 8 oz. /250 grams
  • Single tube Model 70AC -Fractional packs at up to 80 BPM to 1 pound/500 grams
  • Single tube Model 80AC -Fractional packs at up to 80 BPM to 2 pounds/1 kg
  • Single tube Model 90WAC -Sizes up to 5 pounds/2-1/2 kg
  • Double tube Model 70A2C -Fractional packs at up to 150 BPM
  • Double tube Model 70WA2C -Fractional packs at up to 150 BPM and up to 8 oz/ 250 grams
  • Double tube Model 80WA2C -Fractional packs at up to 150 BPM and up to 16 oz/ 500 grams

Accessories Provided Include:

  • Product Infeed Conveyors
  • Gas Flushing
  • Thermal Printers
  • Code Daters
  • Gas Relief Valve Applicators – pressure sensitive & heat sealed
  • Photoelectric Print Registration
  • Package Discharge Conveyors

Square Bottom & Pillow Packs

  • Primus Model 643AC – Fractional packs through 5 pounds

Bag in Bag

  • Primus Model 643AC/C- Filter packs in overwrap
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